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HUMANSOFT Ltd. founded a 3D company

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The SziMe3D AR project presented itself in CeBIT2014

The SziMe3D AR project presented itself in one of the world's largest international information technology exhibition, the CeBIT2014 on March 10 to 14 in Hannover. At the exhibitor's booth the visitors were given an outline of the objectives and achievements of the AR project, and also could see and confirm with their own eyes what [...]

The CyArk 500 Challenge

Following the October launch of the CyArk 500 at the Tower of London, groups from all over the world have been nominating sites for inclusion in this unprecedented effort to digitally preserve world heritage. Cultures around the globe are witnessing the loss of their heritage to factors that range from natural disasters and human conflict [...]

Novum Duna TV

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(Magyar) Fiatal Középkoros Régészek V. Konferenciája

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(Magyar) Szakál Ernő konferencia

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Archexpo 2013

Hungarian National Museum and King Matthias Museum and Archaeological online journal of archeology - Altum Castrum Online (Archeologia.hu) this year also hosted the 2013 Archexpo, archaeological conservation, trade fairs and conferences. András Fehér(SziMe3D Project Director Ltd, Business Unit Director, HUMANsoft Information Technology Ltd.)3D laser scanning and reconstruction from stone by stone gave a presentation entitled

(Magyar) Kulturális Örökség Napja

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(Magyar) Leica Geosystems 2013. évi szakmai találkozó

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(Magyar) Zielinski Szilárd Konferencia

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Reconstruction of Anjou-era stoves

We encountered small problems when we were preparing the 3D reconstruction of the Anjou era stove of the Royal Palace of Visegrád. The pierced tiles with four-lobed decoration constituting the transitional tile line to the upper level of the stove were missing from our scanned image files. There have been found only tiny fragments of [...]

We measure even in snowfall

On December 11th we wrapped up the on-site measurements of the complete stone materials of the vault of the former St. Mary provost in Székesfehérvár. Of the stone library we have recorded the non-node, simple vault elements of the structure, which could be inserted into the reconstruction as well. These stones have no further information [...]

Overpowered the castle of Vitány

Taking advantage of the last day of the year forecasted as a not too cold and rain-free one, we captured the castle of Vitány. Our weapon was the laser scanner, which has already proved itself to be very effective when we ‘captured’ the Fort of Győr (see the article ‘Laser is used to conquer the [...]

Balázs Szőke’s lecture

Balázs Szőke attended and delivered a lecture at the 4th Conference of the Young Medieval Archaeologists. He described the former vaults of the royal provostal temple of Virgin Mary in Székesfehérvár. In his lecture he presented the reconstruction of the nodes prepared using the scans. Balázs Szőke’s lecture

Re-measured the St, Mary statue group in Szeged

We were not satisfied with the resolution of our recent scans therefore we decided to repeat the measuring of the statues. We were surprised a little when arrived at the location. The statues were bundled for winter. Thanks to Dida brother's intervention a truck with elevated platform came and they unwrapped the statues with no [...]

We participated in events of the Archaeology Days and the ArchExpo

The online journal of the Museum of King Matthias of the Hungarian National Museum organized ‘Days Archaeology’ between the 26th and the 28th of October 2012 and in the framework of the event also arranged the archaeology and conservation trade fair ArchExpo. The filial of the National Museum engaged in archaeology and heritage protection strived [...]

The reconstruction of the vault of the Virgin Mary provostal church in Székesfehérvár

On October 25, 2012 we luanched the preparatory works to for the virtual reconstruction of the vault of the Virgin Mary provostal church of Székesfehérvár. Under the guidance of dr. Piroska Biczó, dr. Klára Mentényi and Balázs Szőke we scanned the most typical arch nodes, the most information-bearing carved stones for the modelling. We will [...]

Surveying the late Gothic vault of the Cathedral of Pécs

We have started surveying the late Gothic vault of the Cathedral of Pécs. According to an inscription destroyed by now the construction of the arch was directed by stonecutter Demeter and was completed in 1505. Stonemason Demeter taught at Burkhart Engelberg’s the workshop in Augsburg, and by his name he was probably of Hungarian origin. [...]

Fortress on the Danube Bend

On the proposal of György Buzás, director of the Museum of the Visegrád proposal we have started to servey with laser scanner the large, 18 x 18-meter watch-tower, characteristic of the Roman fortresses in Danube Bend, was built in 371, during the reign of Emperor Valentinian, and has been preserved in particularly good conditions. There [...]

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