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Late Gothic vaults of the Cathedral of Pécs

The Cathedral of Pécs was covered with late Gothic mesh and cross vaults on the order of Ernuszt Sigismund, Bishop of Pécs in the last decade of the 15th and in the first decade of the 16th century. According to an imprint destroyed by now, the construction of the arch was directed by stonemason Demeter, and was completed in 1505. Stonemason Demeter taught at Burkhart Engelberg’s the workshop in Augsburg, and by his name he was probably of Hungarian origin.

The arch was a masterpiece of its age, an improved version of the Bavarian arches. The vaults were demolished in the 19th century and their ribs and nodes turned up from various buildings of the 19th century.

The former arch can be reconstructed on the basis of the discovered nodes and the surveys done in the 19th century, and can be fitted into the virtual reconstruction of the medieval Cathedral.

Project results can be displayed at the exhibition of the medieval history and artifacts of the Bishop castle and the Cathedral of Pécs in a building of the medieval University of Pécs. The project facilitates the development of methods how to survey digitally the sculpted stone elements of the destroyed Gothic ribbed vaults, how to insert them into the reconstruction of the arch, as well as how to distinguish the existing elements from the reconstructed ones in the process of the reconstruction. The developed methods are applicable for documentation and scientific processing of the large amount of late-Gothic stone carvings kept in museum collections or discovered during archaeological research.

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