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Regéc, castle

Regéc, Castle - survey of remains of a wall

Historic castle ruins

Castle of Regéc is situated in the western part of the Zemplén Mountains. Construction of the castle is presumed to be done in the 1300s. Initially it was the property of the Aba clan, which ruled in the north-eastern part of the country, from 1316 until the end of the 1420s it was owned by the king and later by the Brankovics family. Since 1464, the Szapolyai family owned it, and from then on it was the residence of various aristocratic families (Seredy, Alaghy, Rákóczi). The 16th-17th centuries were the golden age in the castle's history. However, the bright aristocratic home fell into the imperial troops' hands during the Thököly uprising in 1685, who in 1686 destroyed the castle that never was rebuilt, and since then it has been a ruin. The Castle of Regéc is divided into three major parts: the Upper Castle on the northern castle hill cliffs, the Lower Castle on the southern tip of rock and the Middle Castle located in the saddle between the two boulders. Archaeological exploration of the castle began in 1999 at the initiative of Regéc Town Local Government which also was its organizer, previously led by Zoltán Simon, currently by Mihály Giber. In 2006 an IMS architectural photogrammetric survey was carried out of the Castle (Győrfy-Vajda). Since then, archaeological exploration has revealed another part of the castle.

The project offers the opportunity of a 3D digital survey of the medieval castle, development of scientific - archaeological, heritage protectional, architectural and architecture historical - utilization methods for the survey, completion of the tasks of review and testing of the processing procedures and programs of the SziMe 3D AR project's delivery list, enumeration of digitization technologies, testing in practice to determine measuring methods of various object types and and their environment, as well as elaboration of the concept and plans for digital theoretical reconstruction and architectural restoration, and also production of the previous restoration works as-built documentation.

Age: beginning of the 14th century - end of the 17th century

Material: Stone (small amount of brick)

Status: ruined or preserved wall remains

Location: Regéc, Castle Hill (outskirts of Mogyoróska)

Expert: archaeologists Zoltán Simon and Michael Giber, architect Robert Fülöpp

Új Széchenyi Terv
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