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The Franciscan Church and Monastery of Szeged Down Town

The Franciscan monastery of Szeged Lower town is of great significance as its first building, the west wing is probably the only surviving monument of a typical late medieval building type in Hungary.

Its temple was the largest church of the Great Plains at that time. It is a masterpiece of the late Gothic church interior.

The Franciscan church of the Lower Town is an important example of the unified late Gothic church interiors, which was furnished with a polygonal apse. The tower rises at the junction of the shrine and the nave. The wall carries several traces of Romanesque stone insertions. The church space was originally covered with mesh vaulted roof, which was changed to stave vaulting by cutting the wales in 1625 (disputed).

The baroque stone frame of the main entrance of today was placed there after dismantling a wind breaker vestibule hall, existed by the 18th century. A three-nave Baroque crypt was built under the medieval shrine. The rich interior design of the church is a typical example of the Baroque religious art of this country.

We surveyed the entire interior of the church, including the roof bearing structure, with a terrestrial laser scanner. Currently we are processing measurement results. We have created 3D reconstruction of some items of the stone collection and the crucifix standing in the corridor of the monastery using a handheld surface scanner. In surveying of the church interior we resorted also to the “oktokpter". Images of the altar and frescoes are made with gigapixel resolution.

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