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Exploration of Conquest era cemetery at Tarpa

During the excavation of a cellar on the Nagy hill at Tarpa, a more than a thousand years old grave was turn up in 1975. Judging by the objects found in the grave a well-born member of the community was buried here. It was thought from the start that it was certainly not a lonely grave and there must be a cemetery on the hillside as well.

To find it out the team of the András Jósa Museum of Nyíregyháza had searched the neighbouring plots. The excavation revealed a Conquest era man’s grave. The noble warrior was laid to the grave with his head to the west, and the skull and leg bones of his horse were placed to his feet. Next to him two stirrups, a bridle and straps for fastenings the saddle were found. On his left side the remains of a quiver was discovered, in which several arrow tip were found as well. Under him, at the left hand a silver ring was unearthed and similar one was discovered at the right hand, too. The clothing was decorated with rectangular silver gilt embossed kaftan plates. The belt plates were made of the same material. It is particularly important fact that not only the man’s leather belt has been well preserved, but also lots of residual organic matter remained in the chest area.

It is one the most important Conquest era findings of the last decades in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County area. The artifacts were moved to the András Jósa Museum of Nyíregyháza and where the restoration of the objects was started. According to the institution’s plans they wish to continue the research, hoping to excavate more interesting artifacts in the area.

We examined the artifacts collected from the grave "in situ" position with several types of scanner. Some objects were surveyed with 3D photo imaging technique. We are developing interactive 3D interfaces on the basis of the 3D models, which provide additional technical information on the individual objects and object types.

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