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Ruins of the Castle of Vitányi

The castle, first mentioned in 1324, was a royal castle in the 14th century and then was turned to private hands in the 15th century. It survived several sieges in the Turkish era and finally the Christian armies blew it up by in 1597. The castle’s considerably well preserved walls furnished with vents, ceiling tracks and parapets some places rise as high as a multi-storeyed building. The castle’s archaeological research started in 2012. No restoration work has ever been done there, only the environment has been maintained, and the site was regularly cleaned of vegetation. The detailed overview of the castle’s history is available.

Survey confirms the theoretical possibility of the digital reconstruction. The project gives opportunity to conduct 3D digital survey of the medieval ruins, and to elaborate methods to utilize its results in archaeology, monument conservation, architecture and architectural history.

Új Széchenyi Terv
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